WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE BNP? | Issue After Issue/The Keith Network

What’s has happened to the BNP, also known as the British National Party? They once had two members of the European Parliament and a member of the London Assembly.

Well, now there’s barely nothing left of the BNP and that’s mysterious! I do think that there has been more concern about immigration and this was shown by the Brexit referendum. There are also movements across the West that seem to be more on the right of the political spectrum.

So, I wonder why it’s happened? Obviously it’s a good thing that less people vote for the BNP as it was quite an extreme party in its stance. It was a neofascist party. It was an evil and horrible party.

It’s not a very well known party anymore, and that’s weird, I think, and the Brexit vote caused this as people don’t need to show the political people that they have concerns about immigration because they did in the referendum.

Here’s a video for you, on the far-right in Britain. Be warned: this might contain some unpleasant content, so be aware of that.

Britain Pushes 15 years in Prison for being right-wing” by Wrongthink Radio is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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